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Agilence Raises Fresh Growth Capital

Nextstage Capital-backed Agilence Raises $1 Million

Agilence Inc. has closed an $1 million offering of debt and convertible notes, raising the amount from seven investors, according to an SEC filing.

The Mount Laurel, N.J. company, according to Crunchbase, has previously received $13.2 million from five rounds including $4.2 million in Series C funding in 2012. Its investors include Aster Capital, based in Paris; and Audubon, Pa.-based Nextstage Capital.

Agilence provides exception-based reporting solutions to help retailers prevent fraud and cut losses. Its Retail 20/20, an intelligent store-level reporting video synchronization technology, provides visibility into daily store operations, reducing fraud and raising efficiency.

Founded in 2006, Agilence is led led by President and CEO Russ Hawkins. Prior to Agilence, Hawkins was president and CEO of SilverStorm Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of computer networking equipment. In 2006, he sold SilverStorm to QLogic Corp. Prior to SilverStorm, he was the president and CEO of Paragon Networks, a developer of wide area backhaul solutions for wireless networks, which he sold to Carrier Access Corporation in 2003.

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Waywire - New Patent and New COO

Waywire Grows Channel Network, Names New COO to Continue Building
 / Jul 15, 2014 - The VideoInk


Video curation and discovery service Waywire believes it can be the “program guide” for digital video, and in doing so, solve the video discovery problem that continues to plague the industry.

To accomplish this, Waywire has been rolling out curated video channels, some tied to individual content brands and others that focus on specific genres, topics, or interests. Users are able to follow these channels via a simple user interface (see below), which helps them create a personalized guide to access the content they want to watch from the sources and curators they are interested in following.

Waywire’s network has grown to hundreds of channels since the beginning of the year. The service isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon, either, announcing this morning the addition of a bulk of new channels and a new chief operating officer to oversee all of the growth.

waywire program guideEighty-five new brand-focused channels are now available on Waywire, including those for Al Jazeera, RT America, DanceOn, and Maker Camp, as well as several for YouTubers likeMakeupbyMandy24 (real name: Amanda Steele).

In addition, Waywire has expanded its roster of expert curators to 25. These individuals are responsible for managing Waywire’s network of curated content hubs, which go beyond simply offering video content around a particular brand or topic. In addition to video, these channels feature relevant social and RSS feeds and photos, as well as several community options to keep followers entertained and engaged.

Waywire is careful to manage its network of channels to ensure a healthy balance between “web-discovered” branded channels and curated channels, says Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of Magnify Networks, which acquired Waywire last fall.

That said, Waywire’s hand-curated offering is a major part of the service’s growth strategy. Even with 25 curators on board, the service will continue to add 2-4 new curators a week through the fall, says Rosenbaum.

Overseeing all of this will be new Waywire COO Todd Tarpley, who joined the service a few weeks ago. “We were looking for someone who had a background in cable television and quality niche publishing,” says Rosenbaum. On this front, Tarpley has plenty of experience, having previously served as GM of digital at Meredith’s Parents Network, VP of online at Nielsen, and VP of interactive at A+E Networks.

Those are not the only updates from Waywire, though.

On the monetization side, Waywire has also been awarded a patent for its “Pre-Roll Everywhere” technology, which enables clients that use the service’s curation platform to run ads as interstitial units before a third-party video is pulled up and starts playing. The PRE patent builds off Waywire’s “Video Channel Creation” patent, which makes it possible for publishers, brands, and websites to create collections of video content that they can curate, share, and monetize.

Sidecar Raises Fresh $3.1M From NextStage and Others

FROM Citibizlist - Philadelphia / June 17, 2014

According to an amended SEC filing, Philadelphia-based Sidecar Interactive, Inc. has raised $3.1 million from 16 investors via sale of shares and warrants. An earlier filing in January reported raising $1 million from 14 investors.

The lead investor in the current round of funding, according to Crunchbase, was Bala Cynwyd, PA.-based Osage Venture Partners.

Sidecar has previously received $5 million from three rounds of funding, including $2.5 million in Series-A funding in 2011. Investors include New York-based ARC Angel Fund, and four Pennsylvania-based firms – Nextstage Capital, Robin Hood Ventures, Gabriel Investments, and MAG Fund.

Philadelphia-based Sidecar is a fully automated online marketing platform that offers customer acquisition, conversion and retention for online retailers, big and small. The company uses online information like product performance, product availability, competitive pricing, external user demand, channel performance and ROI data to generate data-backed marketing decisions for its clients.

Sidecar was founded in 2010 by CEO Andre Golsorkhi. According to his profile on LinkedIn, prior to founding Sidecar, Golsorkhi was the CEO and founder of Snipi Inc. a patented system for people to save their interests while browsing anywhere online. 

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Lumesis Reports Record User Growth


 Lumesis, Inc. Reports Record Growth in User Base Prompted by New Time-of-Trade Disclosure Rule

Municipal Compliance Solution Reaches 30,000 Users as Protection of the Retail and Non-Sophisticated Market Participant Continues to be of Importance to Regulators

 Stamford, CT (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

 Lumesis Inc., a financial services software firm providing business efficiency, regulatory and data solutions for the municipal bond marketplace under the DIVER brand, announced today that their DIVER Advisor active user base has grown by a factor of 5.5x (alternative: has grown 550%) since the SEC approved the MSRB’s New Time-of-Trade Disclosure (Rule G-47), and amended Suitability (Rule G-19) rules on March 7, 2014. The Advisor platform is now generating tens of thousands of bond reports per month and registering, on average, two Municipal Bond Reports for every trade. These actions highlight the fact that Financial Advisors, Sales and Traders, are using the bond reports for research purposes, as well as for business efficiency and regulatory adherence purposes at or before the time of trade.

“The introduction of the new and amended rules is prompting many firms to re-examine policies, procedures and what is actually being done when a municipal bond is bought or sold to ensure compliance. This is especially important in this environment of heightened regulatory scrutiny,” said Gregg L. Bienstock Esq., CEO and Co-Founder, Lumesis. “The rapid growth of our user base and the surge in Municipal Bond Report generation validates the platform’s ability to support regulatory needs and demonstrates its capacity to increase business efficiency and enhance client service. We are excited to see our platform become the standard in municipal Time-of-Trade Disclosure.”

 President, COO and Co-Founder of Lumesis Tim Stevens, CFA added, “As we built Advisor, we engaged client and market participants to ensure the platform was versatile and addressed both regulatory and business needs. The Advisor platform leverages our core competencies in data and software development. These two critical proficiencies, combined with our municipal market expertise and commitment to meeting our clients’ needs, allow us to bring products with significant value to the municipal market.”

 The Advisor platform was created to address the time-consuming and clarified requirements for Time-of-Trade Disclosure Obligation, Suitably determinations and Supervision requirements for municipal bonds. Municipal Bond Reports, which are at the core of the platform, aggregate key data and information for every municipal bond.

 Demand for the Advisor platform along with the topical evolution of regulatory requirements prompted Lumesis to launch a series of thought leadership webinars focusing on the new and amended rules. To participate in the upcoming virtual event “Regulatory Requirements and Technology” scheduled for June 12 at 2 p.m. ET Register Here.

 Founded in 2010, Lumesis, Inc. is a financial technology company focused on providing business efficiency, data and regulatory solutions for the municipal marketplace under the DIVER brand. Providing access to hundreds of datasets, DIVER solutions leverage the most current economic and demographic data available from both public and private sources, combine that with security master file data, credit ratings, continuing disclosures, price and yield data, news links and more. Our solutions are tailored to address the unique needs of our clients comprised of U.S. Banks, Broker/Dealers, Asset Managers, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds and others.

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Dalia Valdajevaite


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Agilence Announces New Product For Retail Industry

Enables automated notification of exception events and provides workflow tools for compliance

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, April 8, 2014– Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based exception reporting solutions for retail, today announced the release of ACT, Automated Compliance Tool, for Retail 20/20.  ACT enables retailers to define alert triggers based on individual events, summary data or KPIs and to create workflows for triaging and reporting on the subsequent alerts.  ACT is a highly sophisticated yet intuitively simple application that automatically monitors incoming data for specific user defined exception events and provides automated notification and workflows for each alert.  These alerts are coupled with supporting information and sent directly to store managers and other field personnel for investigation.

“ACT is a major step forward in the evolution of exception reporting,” said Derek M. Rodner, VP of Product Strategy, Agilence, Inc.  “The solution delivers unprecedented results and our customers are already seeing significant improvements in efficiency with its automated notification and workflow management capabilities.”

  • Rules-Based Compliance Engine:  ACT has a sophisticated rules engine that enables retailers to define complex monitors that include multiple data sets and vary the thresholds by region, district, risk class, store, etc., along with frequencies including: daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Automated notification:  The new engine also enables email & SMS notifications to be sent to multiple roles and users based on severity so that users only need to react  if exceptions are identified and assigned.
  • Workflows and Reporting:  Each alert includes a specific action and recommended resolution. Tracking of alerts resolved and unresolved provides the basis for compliance management, enabling district managers and corporate-level users to monitor their direct reports and verify that alerts are being acknowledged and investigated.

About Agilence

Agilence is the industry leader in next-generation exception-based reporting solutions for retail loss prevention and operations.  Agilence develops Retail 20/20™, a highly flexible and powerful, cloud-based reporting solution that provides visibility into daily store operations to reduce fraud and operational inefficiencies.  Retail 20/20 provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster, to increase efficiency and improve profit margins across the enterprise.  Founded in 2006, Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. To learn more about Agilence, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 856-366-1200.

Magnify Wins Big Overseas

Magnify now powers BBC video content

At, our core mission is to serve the community with the best video selection that exists on the internet and to make the process of curated collections as simple and effective as humanly possible. We’ve embarked on a great journey over the past year; form acquisitions, hires, space growth to partnerships, its fact to say there has been growth.

In the past year we partnered with  the BBC for a continued growth of high content collections to better serve their consumers. The BBC, who’s company is built on the mission of enriching people’s lives with programs and services that inform, educate and entertain; they’re synced  directly with our mission of providing quality curated collections.

As  one of the most established content providers in its realm, what this partnership will bring for year 2014 and beyond is a heightened collection of the videos consumers crave, a source provider for content on the Magnify platform that our users  will have available and a continuous exchange of content and service for a better delivery to the consumers at large.  

“The BBC is employing our “Preroll Everywhere” product,  and it is one of the most valuable features of the Magnify platform.  This service enables you to legitimately monetize all video you publish, from multiple sources, utilizing your own ad server and inventory.  There are no revenue shares, no management fees, only a service that you can easily forecast and scale.” Steve Rosenbaum, CEO,


Of the six public purposes the company runs it’s self on;  Magnify is  excited about being  able to fulfill that of “Delivering to the public the benefit of emerging communication technologies and services”.

About the BBC

Established by a Royal Charter, the BBC is a public service broadcaster funded by the licence fee paid by UK households. An independent company built on imperialism and honesty; their foundation is trust. They carry programs and services in the UK as well as around the world  in the following categories: Television, Radio, Online, Commercial, Around the UK, and Around the wold.


The platform is a cloud- based video curation  platform that provides solution to facilitate  the fix to monetization issues, discovery and video curation. As a leader in curation, our focus is clients and their consumers. We work with many leading sites, brands and communities  for a continued provision of the best quality videos.

TicketLeap Revolutionizes Mobile Ticketing

Ticketleap Launches Selfie Ticket, Enables Event Organizers to Eliminate Barcode Scanning

Aims to Make Ticketing Solutions Less Transactional and More About the Experience

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 24, 2014

This week, Ticketleap, an organization dedicated to help more people to create and share events, launched the Selfie Ticket. The Selfie Ticket, a new way to manage event registration, eliminates the need for barcode scanning at events. Primarily for individuals, organizations and brands who want to grow and strengthen their communities, the Selfie Ticket highlights humanness, not the transaction. They are a friendly and simple way to check registrations at the door.

Launch Festival, starting today in San Francisco, is the first event to use Selfie Ticket. All registrants attending the event were prompted to create a Selfie Ticket over the weekend. Once at the event, attendees are encouraged to share a screenshot of their Selfie Ticket by using the hashtags #selfieticket and #launch.

“We’re really excited about Selfie Ticket,” says Tim Raybould, Ticketleap CEO. “Many of our customers simply weren’t scanning the barcode tickets. They told us it just didn’t feel right, that it felt too heavy handed.” When barcodes aren’t scanned, they provide virtually no value since a barcode can be printed from a home printer or displayed on different devices an infinite number of times. With Selfie Ticket, a quick glance is all the event organizer needs to confirm a valid ticket purchase.

The launch of Selfie Ticket comes just over a month after Ticketleap launched new event pages. With a similar goal of highlighting humanness, not the transaction, the event pages move away from a gateway for credit card transactions, to something that beautifully captures the spirit of an event. Early data shows an improvement onevent page conversion of 23%.

About Ticketleap 
Ticketleap is a tool to engage your community in the most effective way possible: by forming a connection with them, in person, human to human.

Sidecar Lands A Big Egg

Newegg automates its comparison shopping marketing for the holidays

The retailer uses technology from Sidecar to manage the ads it places.

Amy Dusto

Associate Editor

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This holiday season, consumer electronics web-only retailer Newegg Inc., which also sells items in other categories through a flash-sale site and an e-marketplace, won’t be spending a lot of time managing its paid advertising on comparison shopping sites. Instead, the retailer is using automated technology from online marketing vendor Sidecar to determine which ads in which spots are worth buying—and then place them, says Jacob Shin, vice president of customer acquisition for Newegg.

“Launching this during the busy holiday season means that we can let Sidecar’s technology manage and optimize shopping engine marketing as we focus on other areas of customer acquisition, which is crucial this time of year,” he says. 

Sidecar’s marketing platform takes into account the price, description and other product information for each of the more than 8 million items in Newegg’s catalog and marketplace, along with how each of those items is converting on multiple shopping engines across the Internet at various times. Then Sidecar’s algorithms weigh each of those factors to make decisions, several times a day, about which products in Newegg’s catalog the retailer should advertise, on which comparison shopping engines and at what price. The technology then bids on the ads on Newegg’s behalf.

For example, for a tablet available at Newegg, Sidecar would measure such metrics as how many clicks, views and conversions its product page is receiving on the retailer’s web site, how Newegg’s price for the tablet compares to that of online competitors, and whether it is in high demand from consumers, says Steve Tutelman, vice president of business development for Sidecar. “Then our engine would decide whether that tablet is worth paying for an ad,” he says. “There’s no one point in that data that will skew the decision all that much—it’s the combination of all those factors, and it’s weighted.” If many consumers are viewing the product page for the tablet but not buying it, for instance, that would incline the system to decide it’s not worth advertising the item.

Newegg doesn’t need to do anything manually to operate the Sidecar marketing platform, Tutelman says. To set it up, a retailer needs only to add a small piece of tracking code to its web site and also allow Sidecar to access its product feed. With those two data sources, Sidecar can measure everything it needs, including getting live updates as soon as Newegg adds or removes products from its catalog, or makes them temporarily unavailable, Tutelman says.

“For a catalog our size, a programmatic approach to shopping engine management is essential if we want to give equal attention to every listed product,” Newegg’s Shin says. “We believe there are significant opportunities for growth in product advertising, and we are excited about gauging how Sidecar’s technology can increase our footprint.”

Newegg doesn’t have specific results to share about Sidecar’s efficacy in the few weeks it’s been running so far, he says, but the retailer has confidence that the technology will prove a boon during the holidays this year.

Sidecar has between 50 and 100 clients, all online retailers, its founder and CEO Andre Golsorkhi says. In addition to paid search marketing automation, the vendor’s technology can also automate e-mail marketing and on-site product recommendations, he says. It charges clients via a revenue-sharing model for ads that lead to sales, making its bids based on the return-on-investment goals a retailer sets beforehand. Typically, the cost ends up being at least a few thousand dollars per month, he says. 

Magnify Announces Acquisition of #WayWire


October 17, 2013 13:00 ET

CONTACT INFORMATION video curation site to be acquired by

New York, NY  10/17/13

Magnify Networks today announced that it has acquired the video curation website, and that acting #Waywire CEO Sarah Ross will join the Board of Advisors.

In making the announcement CEO Steven Rosenbaum said:  “#Waywire has a great vision and passion for bringing social video to a rapidly growing market segment in need.  Magnify has pioneered high quality video curation and together with #Waywire’s user-created video Wires, we will offer consumers and enterprises something very unique in the marketplace.’s technology combined with the public site will create a consumer-facing video curation powerhouse.”

Magnify’s consumer brand will include one of the largest collections of curated videos on the Internet. includes multi-topic channels, social media #Wires and Pro#Wires of branded content.  #Wires curates trending content from YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and other social media. Pro #Wires includes branded content including Vogue, Wired, Car & Driver, Sports Illustrated, NBC News, Engadget, Mashable, Vice, Field & Stream and others.

#Waywire will become Magnify’s consumer brand along with its already successful Magnify brand focused on enterprise customers like the AARP, Time Out, Silicon Valley Bank and New York Magazine.

Joy Marcus, the former GM US of Dailymotion, and now a Managing Director at Gotham Ventures said “The proliferation of web video is overwhelming for users who often can’t discover content that is meaningful or delightful to them. provides innovative solutions for curation with partners like Time Out, AARP, Lincoln Center,  and New York Magazine. #Waywire, where I’m an angel investor, allows users to curate the web for others by establishing their own video identities and “wiring” videos and video collections. I’m excited to be a part of the marriage of the two companies”.

According to Howard Morgan, First Round Capital partner who is a #Waywire investor, “The vision of great curation, exemplified by’s founder, and focus on sharing key videos with others through #Waywire’s wiring mechanism, will greatly further the shared vision of having users quickly discover videos to help them understand issues of interest to them, whether news, social issues, topics they want learn, or just great entertainment.  This is a powerful combination.”

The CEO said to expect a growing product offering.  “With #Waywire, we can leverage our platform, and our deep relationships with content partners, to bring #Waywire users a powerful new set of tools to organize, engage, and share web video” said Rosenbaum.

The platform currently provides patented video curation and discovery of video for more than 90,000+ publishers, ecommerce sites, and communities. Users can immediately deploy a Media 2.0 strategy by enabling them to leverage their best assets and combine them with those curated and uploaded by their community from across the social Web. is a venture-backed startup based in NYC. Investors include NextStage Capital, Rose Tech Ventures, Innovation Ventures, and leading angels and early stage including Chris Anderson, Chris Kelly, Gideon Gartner, and Ogden Capital. Magnify’s curation technology is protected under U.S. Patent # 8,117,545.


#Waywire is a social video network that lets you discover, create and share videos that matter to you. Unlike video hosting sites, members of the #waywire network can pull content from anywhere on the Web for their collections. Content from more than 200 news, opinion, entertainment, lifestyle and sports publishers is currently available. #waywire directly curates more than 40 hours of fresh programming from trusted voices every day. Angel and seed investors include First Round Capital, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Linked In CEO, Jeff Weiner, Oprah Winfrey, and Troy Carter.


Biancia Francis,

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Biancia Francis
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TicketLeap Launches Industry Leading IOS V3.0 Ticketing

Press Coverage: Flying Kite Media

Posted by Allison Berger | FeaturedPress Coverage

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.28.52 AM

TicketLeap finds success in an irregular market, releases mobile box office app


Chances are the Flyers will sell out their upcoming 82-game season by simply offering up seats through Comcast Tix. Meanwhile, smaller homegrown events and festivals such as the Philly Beer WeekThe Fringe Festival or the Morris Arboretum‘s Salsa Dance Night might have a harder time. For those niche event planners, there’s Center City-based TicketLeap.

Instead of choosing between specific event marketplaces (theatre, sports, concerts), TicketLeap serves businesses and organizations that use events to drive business or raise awareness. That focus has helped grow the 10-year-old company’s gross ticket sales from $34 million in 2011 to $52 million in 2012.

“It’s not the traditional way of dividing the events market,” says Tim Raybould, President and COO. “But it’s a pretty large portion of the existing events market base.”

TicketLeap’s platform is decidedly DIY. Users build their own events page, which can be shared across the web and on mobile devices. They can also use the tool to build their social media presence, create email blasts and track customer analytics.

In August 2013, the company released the Mobile Box Office for iOS. The app is designed for flexible ticket-taking — it allows the taker to scan-in attendees using mobile barcodes, look up specific attendees, or adjust the attendee list.

“You don’t have to have a full box office with ticket takers at the window,” says Raybould. “You can just take your phone out of your pocket.”

TicketLeap’s existing customers — which hail from across the country, Canada and part of Europe — have been quick to add the new app. In the past year, the company has grown from 21 to 27 employees and expects to add software developers in the near future.

Source: Tim Raybould, TicketLeap
Writer: Dana Henry